New Hampshire Fire Towers
Uncanoonuc Mountain Tower

Uncanoonuc Mountain Tower circa 1959-60
(Photo courtesy Iris Baird)


County: Hillsborough
Mountain or Hill:
Uncanoonuc Mountain
Height above sea level: 1321 FT
Tower Structure Height: 80'
Latitude: 42-59-26
Longitude: 71-36-01
First date of operation: 1911
Operating Agency: NH Forestry Service
Type: Steel Tower

Other Photos

Uncanoonuc Mountain Tower in 1923
(Photo courtesy Jack Kelley)


  • 1911-1982, razed c. 1983.
  • Listed as a temporary station in 1911, the lookout appears to have been on the roof of the summit hotel built in 1908. This hotel replaced what seems to have been a 40' observation tower built about 1877. The summit had been used as a survey station by Professor Hitchcock in 1860. The mountain hotel burned in 1923, and in 1926 a new 80' steel tower was put in place. The station remained in service until 1981 and was removed soon afterward.
  • The photo was taken during the 1959-1960 biennium when an adjacent radio tower fell on the cab in a windstorm. Exact date of the incident is unknown.


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