New Hampshire Fire Towers
Monadnock Mountain Tower



Monadnock Mountain Lookout
(Photo courtesy Iris Baird)




Town: Jaffrey
County: Cheshire
Mountain or Hill: Monadnock Mountain
Height above sea level: 3165 FT
Tower Structure Height: Groundhouse
Latitude: 42-51-62
Longitude: 72-06-50
First date of operation: 1912
Operating Agency: NH Forestry Service
Type: Groundhouse

Other Photos

Monadnock Mountain phone line #1
(Photo courtesy Jack Kelley)

Monadnock Mountain phone line #2
(Photo courtesy Jack Kelley)


  • 1912-c. 1949
  • Built in 1912 by the NH Forestry Commission using a former hotel site. In 1928 Boston architects designed a stone cabin which would be aesthetically satisfactory to people who were concerned about the view of the summit from the surrounding valleys. The design was similar to that for the building on Middle Sister. It suffered extensive damage from vandals, and was abandoned as a lookout station about 1949.


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