New Hampshire Fire Towers
Kearsarge North (Pequawket) Tower

Kearsarge North Tower
(Photo courtesy Iris Baird)


Town: Bartlett
County: Carroll
Mountain or Hll: Kearsarge North
Height above sea level: 3268 FT
Tower Structure Height: 10'
Latitude: 44-06-41
Longitude: 71-05-58
First date of operation: 1901
Operating Agency: White Mtn. Nat. Forest
Type: Wooden Tower

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  • 1901 -1968, standing.
  • The station went into service in the fall of 1909, making use of a corner of a derelict hotel on the summit. A new watchman's cabin, with a cupola for the observer was built about 1918. The station was transferred from the state to the USFS about 1928. After several alternatives were considered, a new ten foot wood tower with a non-standard cab was built in 1951. In 1991 the tower was restored by the WMNF and placed on the NHLR as US 23 NH 1.
    Kearsarge is the name of two mountains in New Hampshire, this one and the one in Warner. There has been controversy over the right to the name so it is sometimes called Pequawket. This name was accepted by the US Board of Geographical Names in 1915, but the decision was reversed in 1957. The locals always called it Kearsarge, and it appears that way on the station lists, with "North" added after the station on the Warner summit was established.


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