New Hampshire Fire Towers
Deer Mountain Tower (Pittsburg)

Deer Mountain Tower in 1989
(Photo courtesy Chris Haartz)


Town: Pittsburg
County: Coos
Mountain or Hill: Deer Mountain
Height above sea level: 3005 FT
Tower Structure Height: 32'
Latitude: 45-12-36
Longitude: 71-13-49
First date of operation: 1911
Operating Agency: NH Forestry
Type: Steel Tower

Other Photos

Deer Mountain Tower circa 1913
(Photo courtesy Jack Kelley)


  • 1911-1978, steel possibly still in place; unconfirmed
  • One of 6 towers built by the NH Timberland Owners Association in 1911, taken over by the state in 1915., when a new tower was constructed. A 30' wooden tower, built 1915, rebuilt 1922. During that period the top was enclosed. A 32' steel tower replaced the wooden one in 1933. It closed in 1976, and the cab was removed later, but the steel was still in place as of 1993.


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