New Hampshire Fire Towers
Croydon Mountain Tower

Croydon Tower
(Photo courtesy Iris Baird)


Town: Newport
County: Sullivan
Mountain or Hill: Croydon Mountain
Height above sea level: 2781 FT
Tower Structure Height: 24'
Latitude: 43-20-00
Longitude: 72-13-19
First date of operation: 1903
Operating Agency: NH Forestry
Type: Steel Tower

Other Photos

Croydon Lookout in 1909
(Photo courtesy Jack Kelley)


  • c. 1903-present
  • In 1903 or shortly thereafter the Blue Mountain Park Association established the station as part of their fire protection program. It became part of the state network in 1910. The earlier wood tower with open top was replaced by an 18' steel tower in 1920. There have been a number of major repairs since. In 1938 the tower was destroyed in the hurricane, and replaced by a 24' steel tower, and another new cab built about 1967. Closed intermittently in the 1970s, it remains in service, making it arguably the oldest operating tower in the United States.


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